Have you not seen Kinky Boots yet? No worries, we have plenty of videos to share with you! If you have seen the show then you can relive the joy of your favourite musical numbers!

Everybody say YEAH!

This video is the official UK trailer for Kinky Boots the Musical.


The video below is the 2016 Olivier Awards performance.


This next piece of footage from Kinky Boot is Act 1 song “Everybody Say Yeah!”

In this video, watch Annaleigh Ashford absolutely kill it whilst singing The “History of Wrong Guys”

What is your favourite song from Kinky Boots the Musical? Comment below and let us know!

4 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Danny Mac Cullough

    Everybody Say Yeah! Knockout song by a knockout cast. How about producing a CD of the music from the London Show? Danny Mac Cullough

  2. Danny Mac Cullough

    Knockout Show with a Knockout cast! Loved the music, still singing, “Everybody Say Yeah!”

    Next step-how about a CD of the music sung by the London cast?

    Danny Mac Cullough


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