Synopsis and Songs

Act 1

Act 1 opens with the tale of Charlie Price, the “son” of “Price and Son,” a British shoe factory in the midlands. As the show begins, Charlie’s dad is growing old and weary and hopes to hand the business over to his son. However Charlie has little to no interest in the factory or its produce and decides instead to move to London to appease his high maintenance fiancée, Nicola.

Charlie is plagued with guilt as his father dies unexpectedly and he returns home to see his late father’s beloved business is on the brink of bankruptcy. Charlie acknowledges that the factory makes good, high quality shoes but they are not in the least bit fashionable or stylish.

On returning back to London, Charlie accidentally gets involved in a street fight, which leads him to meet drag queen, “Lola” (born “Simon”) and her backing dancers, the “angels.” During their unlikely meeting, Charlie notices that the drag acts high heeled shoes are not very supportive of a mans weight, which is rather problematic. Lola says there are many drag acts out there who could use a sturdier shoe.

Charlie returns to the midlands factory to survey the situation once more when Lauren, a factory worker with a crush on Charlie, suggests the business could survive if they managed to sell to a niche market. This rings true with Charlie who remembers his conversation with Lola and the gang in London. Excited by the idea, Charlie invites Lola and the Angels to the factory in order to pitch the idea of a durable drag shoe. Lola and her troupe agree to stay in the Midlands to help produce the shoes in the run up to the esteemed Milan Footwear Show. At the show they plan to unleash the ultimate “Kinky Boots.” The only one apposed to the concept is Nicola, who is selfishly angry at Charlie for not selling the factory to provide her with the good life in their marriage.

Act 2

Act 2 opens with some discontent among the factory workers, who are confused about the radical changes in their produce. The angriest of them all appears to be “Don” who misses the late Mr Price and resents the changes Charlie has made to his place of work. Don is particularly unpleasant to Lola, provoking her to make him a wager to prove who is the better man. In retaliation, Don challenges Lola to a boxing match whilst Lola challenges Don to be more accepting.

In turns out that Lola had many boxing lessons as a young boy and is much better at the sport that Don. However, in order to save Don from embarrassment, Lola forfeits the match leading Don to question his own prejudice.

Things go from bad to worse at the factory as the workers continue to resent their work and Lola and Charlie fall out over creative difference. Both the workers and Lola stage a walk out and things go from bad to worse for Charlie as Nicola dumps him.

Lauren finds Charlie moping and convinces him to return to the factory. On arriving, it appears that Don has convinced he factory workers to return, revealing that the person he has chosen to accept is Charlie.

With the factory in production again and Charlie prepares for Milan, but regrets the way he treated Lola. Meanwhile Lola finds her judgemental father in a nursing home and comes to terms with the fact that he never excepted her as a “her.”

Charlie and Lauren leave for Milan. As the King Boots show is about to start, Lola arrives to lend her support. Everyone, including the factory workers and the Angels are content and revel in the success of the new Kinky Boots production Line. The show ends as Charlie and Lauren kiss.


Price & Son Theme – Company
The Most Beautiful Thing – Whole Company
Take What You Got – Harry, Charlie & Club Patrons
The Land of Lola – Lola & Angels
The Land of Lola (reprise)[23] – Lola & Angels
Step One – Charlie
Sex is in the Heel – Lola, Pat, George, Angels, Lauren, Charlie & Factory Workers
The History of Wrong Guys – Lauren
I’m Not My Father’s Son – Lola & Charlie
Everybody Say Yeah – Charlie, Lola, Angels & Factory Workers

Act II
Price & Son Theme (reprise) – Company‡
What a Woman Wants – Lola, Pat, Don, George & the Ladies of the Factory
Charlie’s Soliloquy (reprise) – Charlie
In This Corner – Lola, Don, Pat, Trish, Angels & Factory Workers‡
The Soul of a Man – Charlie
The History of Wrong Guys (reprise) – Lauren‡
Hold Me in Your Heart – Lola
Raise You Up/Just Be – Company

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